The Secret Handshake Gallery

It’s been a long while since my last poetry feature. Tonight I’m reading at an art, poetry and music event at the Secret Handshake Gallery: 189 Mutual Street (upstairs). 6 pm. I’m not familiar with the space, but I like the masonic-sounding gallery name.  In planning my reading I picked out a number of tarot poems including “The Hierophant” since I envisioned the inside of a masonic temple when writing it.

V. The Hierophant

He inhabits a secret

beyond the black and white

checkered floor,

between two grey pillars.


Around him are the masks

of misrule, the faces

of benediction.


Lion, bull, man, eagle –

he knows them all.


Friend of the blue Venus,

this hushed speaker

halts the unprepared

with one hand held in symbol.


To the seeker

he grants two golden keys,

but will not tell

what they unlock.


Copyright © Clara Blackwood  2011


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