This is my first blog.  It’ll be mainly a space for sharing poems and info about upcoming events and readings. I have three readings coming up this month and will post details soon.  Here is a poem about the building I used to live in, years ago, in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood.

The White Tower

I believe a strange force field surrounds
the high-rise I live in.
This would explain the insanity,
the jumpers, baby-danglers,
elevators opening between floors,
and my perilous love life.

It’s not a force field that protects,
but revs things up, frenetic,
like too many nines in an address.

It explains the lady on the 14th floor,
dressed in vintage Edwardian,
who threw a butcher knife
down the length of the hallway.

Remaining in its clutches,
I will witness the balconies bleeding blue,
the flying buttresses unhinged,
3 a.m. false alarms, urgent
knocks at my door asking for help.
I have my place in it.

Copyright © Clara Blackwood 2008

(published in the Hart House Review 2008)


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